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Leather Bracelet "Dragon". Hand-Carved technology

Кожаные Цена: 250,00 $

Leathern Bracelet "Gold DRAGON", daily wearable on the wrist. Protective Charm Bangle for the balance of active peoples. Used Technology Artscarification (delicate Hand-Carved) on the strong leather with special longlife paints for leather products. Jewelry will be a wonderful present for any occasion! Exclusive wristlet looks delicious on the arm. Miniature carved thin weaves is a pleasant tactile feelings: soothes and calms. Personalized symmetrical pattern of active forms: Dragon inflame, as the personification of the fire element, strength, force and power. Used gold as the color of glory, the inevitable triumph; Red symbolizes power, breakthrough, a will to win; Green helps to dissipate negative emotions, brings calmness and holding back the flame from self-destruction. Possible to apply the personal health and ID information. Allowed just development and creating on alternative, similar, wristband designs. Duplicate or Copy works can be only for a limited edition - mean, for unique occasions (for brothers, he/she, mother/daughter, friends)! Mounting on choose: magnets, buttons, cord, rope Length: 7.9" (200mm) Width: 1.8" (45mm) Bangle made on a new, strong leather and specific wear-resistant paints for leather items. Jewel has no foreign odors. Visual blog as it created check please on Instagram https://instagram.com/tvoriart/ Completely handmade to order. Custom welcomes!

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Leathern Bracelet Length: 7.9" (200mm) Width: 1.8" (45mm)

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