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Russian lacquer miniature painting still life

Масло Цена: 240,00 $

Russian lacquer miniature painting still life old pharmacy, Art and science A small picture size of 20 x 15 cm is made in the old technique of miniature lacquer painting (Russian art). Lacquer miniature picture is framed in a wooden frame. The size of a clearance of 12,7 by 10,4 inches. The painting is a work of authorship Dernova Olga, a signature of the author. Still-life of old items. Lacquer miniature picture picture will be a good gift for a man or woman, for the doctor, the pharmacist, the historianas well as fans of of Russian art. Good gift for a scientist. Perfect to decorate the interior in classical style or antique. This miniature painting is a great gift for the person who loves art. Perfect to decorate the interior in a classical style and will not take up much space on the wall :) Miniature painting gives the house a cozy and unique atmosphere. In the small Miniature painting can watch only one person. This small painting will be made just for you! This lacquer miniature painting was sold, but I will repeat it in order for you within 6 weeks. Sophisticated technology for manufacturing lacquer miniature painting requires a lot of time, but eventually you get a unique piece of art created by hand. Russian art art and science

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picture size of 20 x 15 cm

  • Магазин: TwoBoxes ( Russian Lacquer Box )
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  • Адрес магазина: hand-made.club/twoboxes
  • Страна: ru
  • Город: Kaluga
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