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Recommendations on possible payment options


in transactions on HAND-MADE.club

When the transaction between the seller and the buyer in one country it is recommended to use a regional payment system or bank transfer. In other cases, it is recommended to use international money transfer system.


In this system, individuals who are abroad can transfer money to the card or current account of residents of other countries, including Ukraine and Russia. This is the best way to send large sums - from $ 1,000. In this case, the transfer fee is 1-3% of the amount. To find out about fees, you need to contact the bank and name the country where the translation will be carried out. Swift is convenient because the sender can contribute in cash of any currency, and the bank automatically performs the conversion into the currency of the recipient. Transfer periods are 3-5 working days.


This system allows you to transfer money quickly, roughly, during the day. To make a payment, you must find a bank, which operates the system, provide firs and last name of the recipient, the recipient’s country, and to deposit money. After, the sender receives a secret code, which transmits to the recipient. The recipient, in turn, having come to the bank can say the code, and pick up the money. Money is deposited in dollars, euros, and the commission is 1-15% of the amount.


This format of electronic money is convenient for recipients and senders, if they have accounts in the same system. Transfers are instant, to see the props you only need the account number. Commission - up to 1% of the amount. But you have to pay a fee for deposit / withdrawal of funds to the wallet, and it is 1-5% more of the amount


It is a debit MasterCard card systems. To use the card it needs be ordered via the website of this system, the delivery of which is carried out by mail. Payoneer card belongs to the system and has no relation to Ukrainian banks. Money can be removed through an ATM, as in the case with a regular card. For the withdrawal, the fee is about $ 3, plus 3.5% of the amount - for conversion into local currency. Annual card service costs $ 30. When you pay in commercial networks there is no fee.